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DB Cruiser: Downloads

  • Please read the System Requirement for DB Cruiser first.
  • If you have not done so, please read the Software License Agreement of Maththinking Technologies, Inc. You must agree on all the items in the agreement in order to use software by MathThinking.
  • Request a license for DB Cruiser here (optional). The software downloaded comes with a 30 day evaluation license.
  • For Servlet/JSP containers which support J2EE Web Archive (WAR) File Deployment, download the file from the following:
    Release ZIP format GZIP/TAR Format Size
    6.1.2 (JDK 1.5 and later) dbcruiser.zip dbcruiser.tar.gz 10.35 MB
    6.1.0 (JDK 1.4 and later) dbcruiser-6.1.0.zip dbcruiser-6.1.0.tar.gz 10.40 MB
    4.7.2 (JDK 1.2 and later) dbcruiser-j2ee-4.7.2.zip dbcruiser-j2ee-4.7.2.tar.gz 2.76 MB
  • For Servlet/JSP containers which Do Not support J2EE Web Archive (WAR) File Deployment, download the file dbcruiser-non-j2ee.zip or dbcruiser-non-j2ee.tar.gz (about 1.4 MB).
  • After download, uncompress the file into a temporary directory, follow the instruction to deploy the DB Cruiser into the Servlet/JSP container.
  • If the package does not come with an evaluation license, or the evaluation license contained in the package has expired, click here to get a new one.