Innovative, map-oriented way to explore 51345 airports all over the world on 30+ base maps. Innovative, map-oriented way to explore 51345 airports.
Airport Details    (Launch Airport Visualizer)
  • Airport Summary

    General information of a particular airport, like name and identifiers, continent, country region, and municipality, type of the airport, having flight services, Latitude, Longitude, elevation, etc.

  • Runways/Helipads

    All the runways airport and helipads for heliport are provied, including all the details.

  • NAVAID/Frequencies

    Details of all sssociated NAVAID and Communications Frequencies provided.

  • Weather

    You can view up tp 7 days weather at the particular airport. METAR and TAF will be displayed if they are available.

  • Flight Services

    If the airport has scheduled flights services, you should be able to view all the schedules and current status, all real time.

  • Flight Tracking

    It links to for real time flights arriving and departing the airport, as well as scheduled arriving and departing in next few hours.

  • NOTAMs

    For all airports in the United States, you can view current active NOTAMs for the aiurport.

  • Wikipedia/Homepage

    If the airpirt has a Wikipedia page or an official Homepage, the links will be displayed.

  • External Links

    Links to external web pages with information related to the airport are also provided.

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