Innovative, map-oriented way to explore 51345 airports all over the world on 30+ base maps. Innovative, map-oriented way to explore 51345 airports.
Preferences/Configuration    (Launch Airport Visualizer)
  • On/Off Continuous Search

    This is one of several places you can turn the Continuous Search Airport on Map on/off.

  • Maximum Airports Allowed

    Set the maxmun number of airports allowed to be displayed on the map. If the result has more airports than allowed, the upp-right counter will turn red.

  • Mouse Position

    Set the longitude/latitude precision and format of the position of the mouse on the map, which is displayed on the upper-right of the map.

  • Base Map

    Set the base map to use from over 30 choices.

  • Application Theme

    Change the theme to the one you prefer.

  • Map Scale Line

    Set the measurement unit of the Map Scale Line.

  • Overview Map

    Turn the overview map on/off. An overview map defines the boundaries of another map within the context of its surrounding areas.