Innovative, map-oriented way to explore 51345 airports all over the world on 30+ base maps. Innovative, map-oriented way to explore 51345 airports.
Airport Statistics    (Launch Airport Visualizer)

It can answer questions like:

♦ Which small airports in Europe have scheduled flight services? Where are they?
♦ How many small and medium airports in USA have at least 3 runways? Where are they?
♦ Which medium airports in Asia have a runway > 3500 meters in length? Where are they?
♦ How many airports in the world are higher than 12000 feet (AMSL)? Where are they?

  • Counts/Distribution

    Display the count/distribution of types of airports meeting the given criteria.

  • By Regions

    Filter the results by continent, country, and region.

  • Runways

    Filter the results by number of runways and length of rundays.

  • By Elevation

    Filter the results by airport elevation, the Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL).

  • By Flight Services

    Filter the results by wether airports have scheduled flights or air services.

  • Visualizing

    Visualize selected types of airports on 30+ base maps.

  • Charts

    The airport counts/distribution are visualized by pie chart for easy understand.