Innovative, map-oriented way to explore 51345 airports all over the world on 30+ base maps. Innovative, Map-Oriented way to explore 51345 airports.
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  • Map Oriented

    Maps are the center: all airports are (can be) visualized on the maps immediately so you know where they are. Search airports on the map automatically when maps are changed (moved/zoomed)

  • All the Information at One Place

    When you click at an airport on the map, all the information associate to that airport will be accesible: they are either presented rightway or links to further information are presented.

  • Airport Search

    Search any particular airport in the world, using auto-complete by partial patterns in names and IDs (ICAO, IAIA, FAA, ...).

  • Browse/Keywords Search

    Browse airports worldwide and search them by keywords in names, and IDs (ICAO, IAIA, FAA, ...), filtering by regions, airport types, flights, runways, elevation, Wikipedia, homepage, etc.

  • Airport Statistics

    View airports statistics for the given criteria (regions, flights, runways, elevation), associate them with charts, and visualize them on maps.

  • Location Search

    Search any location (address, city, place, etc.) all over the world, and zoom the map to that location.

Mobile Friendly

It works on smart phones and pads.

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